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Where To Quickly Find Ancient Debris And Netherite In Minecraft

Netherite is a new element in Minecraft and you will have to mine a lot of Ancient Debris for this, check out this guide on how to do get it quickly

Netherite is one of the rarest materials in Minecraft along with Ancient Debris, we have seen a lot of players struggle online to find these materials and if you are one of them, this guide will show you where to find Ancient Debris and Netherite in Minecraft.

Where To Find Ancient Debris And Netherite In Minecraft


Netherite is the new material brought to the game with the Nether update, to get to Netherite, you will have to find a lot of Ancient Debris and it is no small task.

Netherite is the strongest material in Minecraft as of now, overtaking Diamond, and to get Netherite you will have to smelt Ancient Debris, this will in turn get you Netherite Scraps which can be crafted with Gold Ingots to make Netherite Ingots.

To start this new adventure of getting Netherite, you will definitely need a Diamond Pickaxe, anything else and you won’t be able to mine it. As with everything else in Minecraft to find Ancient Debris, you will have to get to level 8 through 22.


To do that first, you will need to get to Nether, if you’re a Bedrock player you can enable the “show coordinates” options and this will show you where you are on the Y-axis.

If you are playing on PC Java, you can just press F3 and get an interface that will show you where you exactly are. Make sure that you’re between levels 8 to 22.

To get to Nether, you will need to gather 12 Obsidian and create a Nether Portal, the worst thing is the fact that the portal will take you to a random spot on Nether and you will need to dig down.


Make sure that you do not dig straight down and have a gradual slope so that coming up will be easier. Once you’re at the right levels just randomly mine in various directions and soon enough you will find Ancient Debris.

It is a rare find but with enough patience and hard work you will certainly be able to get your hands on Ancient Debris and Netherite in Minecraft.

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