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What Is GTA V Roleplay And How To Play It?

User designed madness

GTA V Roleplay is the latest sensation in the GTA community. But what is it? And how can you play it? Well, this article is all set to guide you to this path of madness and mayhem filled streets of Los Santos. Roleplay is the most trending GTA V game mod on Twitch currently. This is because of some of the top streamers have returned to the game.


GTA V roleplay deviates from the actual essence of GTA V by introducing a user-defined story. You can join any of the servers of this roleplay and be a part of the streamer’s storyline. Once you have access to the GTA V online, you are entitled to join any of the roleplaying servers. Before knowing how to play the GTA V roleplay, let us understand what is it first.

What is GTA V Roleplay?

GTA V roleplay is a multiplayer mod, available for only the PC version of the GTA V online. There are several users out there who have created their own storyline using this mod. Other players can enter their game via specific servers for that roleplay.

Undeniably the GTA V roleplay is a more immersive experience with an intricately personalized story. There can be servers that are purely for causing a ruckus and going all out on fire-power. And there are those which are totally focused on extreme roleplaying with a complicated storyline. GTA V roleplay is customizable to an extent where even the controls are user-defined.


How to play GTA V Roleplay?

Joining a DTA V Roleplay game is a little tricky. Unlike other games, you cannot normally enter a game of Roleplay. As they have been designed by users other than Rockstar Games, you need to seek their permission first.



You need to contact the respective servers and fill out an application. This background check on you is to ensure fair gameplay. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions, which can be unique for every server you wish to join. Once accepted, you will be added to a queue of thousands of other gamers like you, who wish to join that server.

This is indeed a lengthy procedure but the rewards are all worth it. Gaming on user-defined open-world scenarios brings about an air of astonishment and surprises. It might turn out better than the original storyline for all you know.


The Best GTA V Roleplay servers in the world

Here is a list of highest rated RP servers for GTA V. These servers allow you to play any character in the game – from a skateboarder to a TV anchor, from a mafia leader to a dentist. If you manage to get queued up in one of these servers, count yourself extremely lucky. Millions of users are trying to enter the GTA V RP world every hour, hence your applications might be rejected or kept on hold for a very long time.

  • Mafia City
  • EclipseRP
  • GTA World

GTA V Roleplay is an experience that you will truly cherish throughout your gaming life. What’s more entertaining is playing the RP along-side a bunch of friends. Even though it’s a long shot, every GTA gamer should have the privilege of playing this game once in their lifetime.

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