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Overwatch Best Heroes Tier List (January 2023)

Here's the Overwatch Character Tier List for the season meta and know the best heroes to use.

Are you looking for an Overwatch Hero Character Tier List to know which were the best hero choices in the original game? Don’t worry, we have listed out all the Heroes below, and you can compare them with our OW 2 tier list to find out who became better and who became worse.

Overwatch Best Heroes Tier List (January 2023)

Overwatch 2021 Hero Character Tier List

Here is the tier list including all hero characters ranked from best to worst in Overwatch. We have not arranged the heroes by class but the overall versatility, damage out, and survivability chances. Also, the best heroes are categorized in S Tier then it goes lower from there:

These were the best heroes to use in Overwatch.

Tier 1 / S Tier Tracer, Wrecking Ball, Zarya, Reinhardt, Lúcio, Zenyatta, McCree
Tier 2 Baptiste, Mercy, Echo, Ana, Ashe, Brigitte, Moira, Orisa, Reaper, Roadhog, Torbjörn
Tier 3 D.Va, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Sigma, Soldier 76, Symmetra, Winston
Tier 4 Doomfist, Genji, Pharah, Widowmaker, Sombra
Tier 5 Bastion

Heroes you should not pick

These are the characters we told you to avoid and completely avoid in the latest season of Overwatch 1.

Try not to take these Heroes

This season you need to avoid Doomfist, Genji, Pharah, Widowmaker, and Sombra. Widowmaker is one of the essential heroes in the game but at the higher level, she will be the first hero that the opponents target to kill first. Picking out the enemy sniper has become the norm of the higher trophies in Overwatch.

Completely stay away from these Heroes

The worst hero character to avoid this season is Bastion. Unless you are playing on the entry-level and you are new to the game, with Bastion you will be sitting duck to opponents’ firepower. All those who played Bastion during these few seasons know what we mean. For new players Bastion can be the fire power for your team when others protect and guard you. But we are staying away from Bastion due to the better choices we have in current meta roll.

Then, the rest of the heroes you can select according to the Tier List as per your strength.

So that’s it for this season, and we will be updating this list when we see changes in the meta, including nerfs and buffs.

That’s everything you needed to know about all hero characters Tier List for Overwatch. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Overwatch 2 Guides.