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Stranded Deep: How to Build a Raft

Here's a quick guide covering how to make a raft in Stranded Deep.

To explore shipwrecks and other islands in Stranded Deep, players usually use raft that they were given at the beginning of the game. Since the provided raft is quite slow and could be capsized upon encountering terrifying creatures, players should build their own raft in Stranded Deep.

If you really wish to explore the ocean and islands in Stranded Deep then you must know how to build your own raft rather than using the given raft. Creating a raft in Stranded Deep is not quite difficult if you know what materials you actually needed.

To start the process, you simply need to go into the main menu and click on  ‘Vehicles’ and choose ‘Raft’ and then, follow the steps below to craft all the necessary parts.

Stranded Deep: How to Build a Raft

Step 1: Craft a Raft Base

To create your own raft, you will need to craft a raft base first. Notably, there are four types of raft bases in Stranded Deep.


Here are all of the raft cases:

Wood Raft Base
14x Stick
1x Lashing
Buoy Raft Base 5x Buoy Ball
1x Lashing
Tyre Raft Base 2x Tyre
1x Lashing
Barrel Raft Base
3x Barrel
1x Lashing

Players can select any raft base depending on the materials they have. To create a small floating section in the game, each of these items should be lashed together. Currently, the Barrel raft base is said to be the most durable base in Stranded Deep. Notably, Barrels are tied to the shipwrecks. What all you need to do is use an axe to cut them down.

Step 2: Craft a Raft Floor

Once you have successfully created a raft base, the next thing you need to do is make a raft floor.

Driftwood Raft Floor 4x Stick
Plank Raft Floor 2x Plank
Corrugated Raft Base 2x Corrugated Steel
Clay Raft Base
2x Clay Brick


If you wish to embark on the long journey through the ocean then I highly recommend using steel and brick floors. Yes, these two materials will last for days. You can easily find Corrugated steel or scrap in crates and on islands while finding Bricks could be a tedious task.

To find Bricks in Stranded Deep, you will have to create a Brick Station and a furnace, allowing you to make bricks out of clay.

Step 3: Craft Accessories

Now, the next thing you will need to make all of the necessary accessories of your raft such as anchor and rudder.

Boat Motor 1x Duct Tape
1x Engine Part
1x Fuel Part
1x Filter Part
1x Electrical Part
Sail 1x Lashing
1x Cloth
2x Stick
Rudder 1x Lashing
1x Cloth
2x Stick
6x Rock
1x Stick
4x Lashing


For the unversed, the raft is not useful until you don’t work on anchor and rudder. Yes, these two things play a very crucial role while going from one place to another through the ocean. The rudder is used to steer the boat in the desired directions. To make rudder, you will need to have a lashing, a cloth, and two sticks while the anchor needs six rocks, a stick and four lashings to be constructed.

Once you have all of the necessary accessories, raft base and floor, press “L2″/”LT” on consoles or “RMB” on PC to drag the raft into the water.

That’s everything you need to know about how to build a raft in Stranded Deep. While here, ensure reading about how to get water and craft a Coconut Flast in Stranded Deep.