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Best Steam Adult Game List 2022 – Top NSFW 18+ PC Games

Bored with Looting and Shooting? Then let's add some spice to your gaming list!

Steam offers a huge list of games of different genres. You can pick an action game, a shooting game, a puzzle, etc. But it has a hidden or let’s say unnoticed NSFW section. A section where you can download the Adult Games for PC. I am going to help you here, the challenge is to find the best NSFW steam games. This includes most downloaded and reviewed games which Steam users play regularly. Many games under this category focus on puzzle and dialogue-based gameplay. You can become the protagonist to impress the goddess of desire. Some games are designed as a graphic novel you can interact with the scene and proceed to meet new characters.

The games listed here are, of course, not to be played in front of friends and family. Steam does allow you to hide games from the Game Library so once purchased they will remain on the list but hidden. In the end of this article, I have shared tips on how to hide games on Steam.


Certain games come with seasons, which let you go through a journey of unique characters, emotions, and subjects. Do not forget to check this guide regularly as I will keep on filling up the best Adult Steam games.

Which is the best Adult Steam Game?


I am going to share around 50+ best Adult Steam Games on this list. A few will be updated every day after I go through the game and check their popularity. A lot of things are censored in this article with a simple * asterisk sign, I am confident you will be smart enough to guess it.

1. Mirror

Mirror Steam Game


The game is a mixture of match-3 and beauties. The game throws different story choices on your face and you have to beat the characters to progress ahead. Mirror focuses on novel-type gameplay with match-three elements. So it brings a visual treat and is interesting in its gameplay as well. Not bad to start with, it falls in the top seller category and played by thousands of users. Also, the game developer is ready to pay $1000 in rewards who can share the best illustration of characters.

2. HuniePop

Best Adult Steam Game

D*ting sim, puzzle, and a mix of RPG elements make Huniepop one of the best PC Adult games to play in 2022. The game features a novel-type UI where you will be going through various storylines and dialogues. It is an interesting game where you will meet 8 gorgeous girls. There are more to discover, with 20 game locations and 250 unique items this game is a virtual fantasy of desires. We have some amazing HuniePop guides where you can check what you can do in this game.


3. Crush Crush

Crush Crush Steam Game

Crush Crush has an element of fun and dialogue. It is colorful and joyful game with a touch of love. The game focus on D*ting and you will have to upgrade your stats to impress the female character in the game. You can unlock jobs, and ear promotions that can reward you with more than money.  Send gifts or warm up your friendly colleagues with soothing ideas. There is a lot to discover in Crush Crush.

4. Dark Elf

Dark Elf Steam Game

The game takes you to an old-school world of elves. A teenager here is trying to survive on the death field after countless deaths. This game has different storylines and it’s a kind of 2D platformer. You will have a beautiful host who will guide you through the different missions. Fight the monsters using magic, skills, etc.

5. Pieces of my Heart

Piece of my Heart Steam Game

Pieces of my Heart is a visual treat, a game with tricky puzzles. It is an animated jigsaw puzzle game where you will solve mysterious to unlock beauties heart. Your companionship increases as you keep on solving puzzles. It is quite an interesting game that forces you to keep playing until you reveal the entire background picture. With this, there are more adult elements in the game.

6. Saint Emiliana

Saint Emilian Steam Game

Play as a nun who is trying to protect her faith from the demon. After being captured in a Witch Hunt, Sain Emiliana losses her soul to a demon to get the witch’s power. She will now have to fight to find her sisters. If you are not looking for a puzzle-type game then go for this. This adult steam game offers a classic RPG experience with a combat and leveling system. It has also multiple quests.

7. Mosaique Neko Waifus 3

Mosaique Neko Waifus 3

Want a visual novel with cool animation then go for this game. The game focus on puzzle gameplay mechanism and you will earn some special powers to solve them out. With different beauties to deal with Mosaique Neko Waifus 3 is a cool game to try once.


Nekopara Adult Game

Nekopara is available in three volumes, set in a world where cat rules. This game has a pinch of comedy attached to the dialogues that will truly enjoy. Nekopara is all about experience, the audio, visuals are good enough to hit the right point. You will surely enjoy all the volumes of this series. It is just more than stories and dialogues which will relieve you from stress.

9. Dress-up Traveller

Dress-Up Traveller

A pixel-type side-scrolling game that brings both action and fun in one place. You play as a character that keeps on fighting enemies and gathering items. Whatever material you collect will help you to upgrade the main character visually and also improve its abilities. Every attack will destroy your clothing, and with time there will be nothing left. You have to survive as well as protect your integrity by defeating enemies.

10. House Party

House Party Steam Game

House party has lots of secrets, a game where a group of people enjoying the nighttime. It is a social simulator gamer where you will have to make the right decisions while talking to different characters. If you are smart enough you can reveal their secrets and enjoy some good time. Each character in House Party is hiding something.

How to Hide Games on Steam?

Hide Games on Steam

Having a couple of Adult games on PC is not an issue but the problem is when someone else uses the system. Steam Launcher can hold an entire game library, thankfully it offers a feature to hide a game. With this, you can avoid the issue of others finding out your secrets. Follow the steps below to hide the adult steam game.

  1. Launch Steam and go to the Game Library.
  2. Right-click on the Game and click on Manage.
  3. “Look for Hide” this game from the small menu.

This way you can hide as many games you want from others. Even if they are logged in they won’t be able to see it, unless there is a shortcut on your desktop or in Start Menu. You will have to manually delete them to completely hide the game.

How to Unhide Games on Steam?

Un-Hide Games on Steam

Now the question how to unhide when you are in a mood to play those adult games. It’s simple, on Steam click on the View menu on the top bar. And you will see an option as Hidden Game. Click on that and you will see all the hidden games in the Library. It is a simple process to unhide the game. Play till the time you want and then hide them again.

There is more coming up, this list is not over yet. I am going to add a ton of amazing Adult games you can try on PC. If you want to check out the list of the best Adult android mobile games then hit the link