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Overwatch Player Count 2022 – Is It A Dead Game?

If you are wondering whether Overwatch is a dead game, here are some statistics on how many people play Overwatch in 2022.

Overwatch is a first shooter and online multiplayer videogame by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s a MOBA and widely popular in different esports competitions around the world. But with the arrival of its sequel close by, fans are wondering if Overwatch is dying. To clear out all your doubts, here are some statistics to find out the player count of Overwatch in 2022 and if it is a dead game or not.

Overwatch Player Count 2022 – How Many Players?


Estimated by the Active Player, an average count of over 7 million players grind on Overwatch monthly. It was reported that these average monthly numbers were over 3 million in 2019. While the game had some difficulties in 2020, it maintained an estimated count of 6.8 million players since January 2022.

overwatch player count is it dead game

Is Overwatch a Dead Game?


To answer the question, no. Overwatch is not a dead game. Despite the release of Overwatch 2 coming closer, the first installment is going strong. While the sequel has been delayed several times, its beta version should launch by 2022. After its release, Overwatch might face a downwards spike. As the game developers are more focused on its sequel, there are no major updates or new content. But this can also be their chance at redemption. Why redemption?

Because compared to other popular online multiplayer first-shooter games, Overwatch isn’t doing that well. Massive online multiplayer games like Apex Legends and Fortnite keep on rolling with new updates that add new characters. While Overwatch on the other hand hasn’t received a major update since the 2020s. The release of Overwatch 2 can revive its place in Esports as well as popularize Overwatch League.

While the release of Overwatch’s sequel may result in lowering the player count, currently Overwatch is neither a dead game nor dying any time soon.


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