New Battlefield Game In Development For Next Gen Console Releasing in 2022

Battlefield has been one of the most surreal war series in recent gaming history and the reenactions of war events bring the game closer to reality than ever before. As it turns out a new Battlefield game is in works for the next-gen console releasing in 2022.

Though there isn’t much disclosed about the game by the developers EA, but they did say, “The goal of Battlefield for [fiscal year 2022] is to really take advantage of a larger install base of the new consoles. Bringing out Battlefield next year, where the new console base is fairly small, doesn’t really give justice to the potential of the title, and so that’s part of our driver in moving the title into fiscal 22.”

This gives the sense that EA is willing to wait for about more than a year until a large number of players migrate to the new console, while they are developing Battlefield for the next-gen console.

EA is determined to continue support for Battlefield V, with update 5.0 arrived on 31st October which will give the players a look into the Pacific War that took place between the USA and Japan.

There are also plans to bring new content like maps and weapons and new ways to play for Battlefield V in 2021.

Certainly, Battlefield V will not be ignored anytime soon, but the prospect of a new Battlefield V for the next-gen console is super exciting.

Battlefield V is developed by EA and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.