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Guide on How to Unlock Mirror 18+ Content?

Mirror has a secret part, where you can unlock the uncensored version of using an unofficial patch file. Here is how to get access to the NSFW content?

Magic is a surprisingly interesting game with hidden secrets. If you are playing this then you can unlock the Uncensored Version of Mirror by using a patch. If you are willing to try out a bolder version for the game then here is a guide to help you out. I am going to show you how to unlock the NSFW content of Mirror game on PC. A simple patch implementation is all you need to get access to all uncensored content of the Mirror Game.

How to enable Mirror 18+ Content – Download the Uncensor Patch


Before download and installing the patch if you want to know what unlocks then here is the list. The main game patch which is the first one below Mirror 3.3. The uncensored patch will unlock the 18+ content for the following characters.

  • Daisy (Dark Elf) – Partial.
  • Yoko (Archer) – Full.
  • Cai Yun (Zombie) – Full.
  • Lin (Ice Dragon) – Full.
  • Unita (Orc) – Full.
  • Ketsuno Ana (Warrior) – Full.
  • Augie Terry (Egyptian Queen) – Full.
  • Martha (Priestess) – Full.

And if you are going for the Patch which is the Mirror DLC expansion then you will unlock additional content for the following characters.


  • Leah (Succubus) – Full.
  • Madoka (Homunuculus) – Full.
  • Hill (Slave) – Full.
  • Mafercca’s (Alchemist) – Full.

To unlock the Mirror adult content you will have to download a patch file. They are separately available for Windows and Mac. The link is below, you can also search on the web if the links are not working. The overall patch download size is 100 MB approx. You will need a Winrar archiving tool to extract the content of the patch file.

  1. Mirror 3.3 Uncensored Patch Download for Windows
  2. Mirror 3.3 Uncensored Patch Download for Mac


First, download the Mirror 3.3 Uncensored Patch file, and extract it content in a folder. Copy all the files from gameasset to the following directory.

  • Mirror/game_Data/StreamingAssets

Mirror is the default installation folder which will be in C drive on Windows. You have to find the install folder and replace the files of StreamingAssets by copying the files from gameasset folder of the patch. You can also keep a backup copy with you just in case if you want to restore the previous version of the game.  Just overwrite all the existing files and you can now unlock the uncensored version of Mirror game.

You can expand the game content by download the Uncensor DLC expansion for Mirror game. An approx 80 MP expansion to extend the game with some fun. Here are the download links.


The process to install the DLC files is exactly the same as installing the patch. Extract the content of the DLC update and move the files to the following location.

  • Mirror/save

If the content is restored on its own then the game is re-patching itself. The files are overwritten usually by steam that removes all the new content. You can permanently block this, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Mirror > Save folder and right click on Game.ini file.
  2. Choose open with Notepad to edit the content of the file.
  3. Look for Win: and replace the line with this one – Assets=game_Data\StreamingAssets\gameasset.
  4. Do the same for Mac also, look for Mac: and replace the line next to that with this one – Assets=game.app/Contents/Resources/Data/StreamingAssets/gameasset.

This will make all the changes permanent and you will be able to access the uncensored content far more easily.