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How To Kill A Breaker In 60 Seconds – Days Gone Boss Guide

Enjoy killing the toughest enemy with an Axe

Breaker can be annoying in Days Gone, a very tough enemy who can break your defense and throw you off grounds if you just keep watching him. But there is a trick using it you can kill the Breaker in just 60 seconds. It does require some preparation, all you have to do is find the Breakers locations, follow my tips and done. 60 seconds that’s it you need to kill a Breaker in Days Gone.

What To Do Before Attacking The Breaker


You will need three Molotovs + 2 Pipe Bombs. I had given the recipe below and you need a PickAxe or Fence Post Axe. Even a Machete will do the job and if you are brave enough you can use the Boot Knife also, but it will take time.

  • Molotov Crafting Recipe: 1x Beer Bottle, 1x Kerosene, and 1x Rag.
  • Pipe Bomb Crafting Recipe: 1x Small Pipe, 1x Box of Nails, 1x Gun Powder and 1x Scrap.

So get 3 Molotovs + 2 Pipe Bombs, find the Breaker like one I found in Mission Enter The Ripper Lodge. I have to clear up some Rippers first, next stay hidden. Don’t let the Breaker see you. If he finds you, then you are dead. Breaker cannot see if you are hidden in plants or crouching behind big tree logs, vehicles, etc.


Find a good spot where you can see the Breaker and the direction where he is moving. Throw three Molotov one after another on him, he will be stunned for a while because of damage. Now pull out a Pipebomb and throw it. The explosion will throw the Breaker in air and he will fall aside. Before he gets up to throw a second Pipe Bomb. It takes a few seconds to explode so wait for a while otherwise the explosive will be wasted. Now comes the real fight, you had cost high damage to Breaker, pull out your Axe or Bat with a blade, something strong and follow my steps.

  • 3 Attacks + 1 Dodge.
  • Left Joystick + R2 three times + R1 to dodge.

This should be the pattern of attack on PS4 use the Left Joystick for direction and press R2 three times to attack the Breaker with an axe. Next press R1 instantly to dodge his attacks and continue doing the same thing. Don’t run far from the Breaker he is strong but dumb and he always stops for a few seconds before attacking. Try to attack him from his backside, in this way you can dodge these attacks and continue hitting him. The Breaker will die within a minute. You can watch my video below I was able to kill him two times.


Enjoy Killing the toughest enemy in Days Gone.