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GTA V Roleplay: What Is NoPixel And How To Join It?

The most user-friendly server for GTA V Roleplay

After the success of more than 7 years of GTA V, gamers have come out with an ingenious mod that re-designs and re-defines its whole structure and gameplay. NoPixel is one of the servers which has designed a highly personalized storyline and characters for the game, known as GTA V Roleplay.


You can be a cab driver or a dentist, a policeman, or a banker. You can work as a car salesman and even be a criminal judge. Playing against other players puts you in a tight spot though. You can be tried in courts, sent to jail as well. You can regard GTA V roleplay as a completely new game built upon the structure of the old one. NoPixel is your bridge between the plain old GTA V online and GTA V Roleplay.

What is NoPixel?

NoPixel is a Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay server designed by, developed by Koil. It is a third party multiplayer server called FiveM. NoPixel is an impartial server that will most readily take any player who meets the terms and conditions. Whether you are a game streamer with over 100.000 viewers or less than 5 viewers, every gamer has the right to be on this server.

Jaryd Lazar is a popular streamer on Twitch who uses the NoPixel servers for playing the GTA V Roleplay

You have to keep in mind that all actions taken on or by your character are on your behalf. Only you are liable and answerable for it, any foul play, and your chance at GTA V Roleplay will be terminated. Popular streamers like Saqib “LIRIK” Zahid, Tim ‘Timthetatman’ Betar, Sebastian “foreseen” Hans Eli Fors, Greek play GTA RP and Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar play GTA V Roleplay on the NoPixel server.


How to join NoPixel?

Players willing to join the NoPixel servers for GTA V RP need to fill out an application on the NoPixels website. The first set of questions are as follows –

  • What is your Roleplaying experience?
  • How do you define Roleplay in video-games?
  • How aptly do you abide by the ethics of your character?
  • When do you feel the need to break your character?

The second set of questions are highly specific –

  • What will you do on your first day in the city of Los Santos in GTA V?
  • In a situation where you find a car loaded with drugs, what will you do?

NoPixel is very stringent about who they allow playing on their servers. Hence getting in is very tough. This is a complete assessment of you and your in-game character to ensure that you will not end up disrupting the NoPixel server by breaking rules or leaking information.

Unfortunately, there are only 32 players allowed to play on the NoPixel server at a single time. Thus people are queued up for days, sometimes weeks to get a chance to play the GTA V Roleplay on the NoPixel servers. Here is a complete guide to the GTA V Roleplay and other servers that allow you to play on it.