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List of Five Star Weapons & 5-Star Heroes in Genshin Impact

Here is the list of strongest players and strongest weapons in Genshin Impact. Learn how to obtain them.

5-Star Weapons are the highest rated weapons in Genshin Impact. It is easy to find lower quality weapons in the game, but finding the best one requires a little effort. The same goes for 5-stars characters in Genshin Impact. They are the most powerful heroes in the game and in this article, you can check out the list of all 5-Star Weapons and 5-Star Heroes in Genshin Impact. Also tips on how to obtain them.


All 5 Star Weapons in Genshin Impact

Below is the list of the 11 best five-star weapons in Genshin impact. You can also find hints on how to unlock them and their powers.

5-Star Bows List:

  1. Amos’ Bow: +12% damage from Normal and Aimed shots. ‘Strong-Willed’ Passive Skill.
  2. Skyward Harp: 20% more Crit Damage + chance for creating to have area-of-effect. ‘Echoing Ballad’ passive ability.

5-Star Swords List:

  1. Aquila Favonia: Regenerate HP when you take damage. Boost attack stats. ‘Falcon’s Defense’ Passive Skill.
  2. Skyward Blade: Boost crit rate + additional buff on Elemental burst. ‘Sky Piercing Fang’ Passive skill.

5-Star Polearm List:

  1. Kunwu’s Iris Rift: Boost speed and damage. ‘Rainbow-Piercing Stinger’ Passive skill.
  2. Primordial Jade Winged-Spear: Boost attack on 1 hit. Max attack damage bonus 12%. ‘Eagle Spear of Justice’ passive skill.
  3. Skyward Spine: Boost Crit Rate and other buffs. ‘Blackwing’ skill.

5-Star Catalyst List:

  1. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: Boost movement speed and gives elemental damage bonus. ‘Boundless Blessing’ passive skill.
  2. Skyward Atlas: Boost elemental damage + chance of damage over time buff to trigger. ‘Wandering Clouds’ passive skill.

5-Star Claymore List:

  1. Skyward Pride: High base damage + powerful follow-up attack on hit. ‘Sky-ripping Dragon Spine’ skill.
  2. Wolf’s Gravestone: Boost base attack + additional buff after hitting the enemy. ‘Wolfish Tracker’ passive skill.

All 5 Star Characters in Genshin Impact

There are three best characters in Genshin Impact you can play to get maximum wins. Each of these has levels and you will have to rank them up to the max star to unlock their full potential.


Best 5-Star Characters Genshin Impact

Ayaka is the first one to go with. Appeared in the first close Beta, Ayaka is a 5-star sword warrior in Genshin Impact. She also comes with Cryo elemental affinity. Childe is the second one to go with. A 5-star bow user of Hydro Element and the last one is Zhongli. A 5-star Bow user of the Hydro element. A 5-star polearm user from Liyue of the Geo Element. These are the best three 5-star characters in Genshin impact. Having one of them on board and with the right combination of weapons and skills, you can deal with any challenge in the game.

So you know well about which are the best 5-star weapons in Genshin Impact and also which are the 5-star weapons to go with. To know more about amazing tips and tricks on Genshin Impact click the link – Genshin Impact Wiki.