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How To Get Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact

Here's a quick guide on how to obtain Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact.

A few days after data miners revealed that Genshin Impact will soon add a talent upgrade material like Dust of Azoth, the developer of the game has confirmed to bring it in the next update 1.5.  The upcoming material will be called Dream Solvent.

Ever since the news of Dream Solvent adding to Genshin Impact confirmed, there are thousands of travelers who have been wondering how it works and how to obtain it in the game. If you too are having the same question in your mind then don’t worry, we have got you everything covered here.


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What Is Dream Solvent In Genshin Impact?

As we have mentioned above, Dream Solvent is nothing but an upcoming talent upgrade material. Notably, this is not the first or only talent upgrade materials available in Genshin Impact. The other material that can be used to transmute Character Ascension Materials of one element to another is Dust of Azoth, which was introduced in update 1.4.


Once you have obtained Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact, you will be able to use it to convert talent materials from weekly bosses from one type to another. Notably, this material can only be used to convert between the same bosses.

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How To Get Dream Solvent In Genshin Impact?


Dream Solvent is yet to be added to Genshin Impact. Once it is introduced in the game, you will be able to obtain it. Since Dream Solvent is similar to Dust Of Azoth, it will also be dropped by the Weekly Bosses. The names of weekly bosses who could drop Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact are — Stormterror, Andrius, and Childe.

Apart from these weekly bosses, players are likely to get Dream Solvent by killing the upcoming boss named Azhdaha. Since the drop rate is yet to be announced, we can’t reveal how much you will earn by killing each weekly boss.

As soon as more information about Dream Solvent becomes available, we will update this section. This is everything you need to know about how to obtain Dream Solvent in Genshin Impact. While you are here have a look at which are the best Lyre songs in Genshin Impact