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Fortnite Error Code 91: What Is Code 91 And How To Fix It On PC, Mobile & Consoles

Here's a quick guide on how to fix error code 91 in Fortnite.

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most video games of this decade. We all know every game comes with an error and Fortnite is no different. There are tons of players who reported that they are having issues while playing Fortnite on their PC, Smartphone and Consoles.

The most common error players are facing while playing Fortnite is Error 91. This error has been popping up since the game was launched in 2017. In this guide, we will tell you what Fortnite 91 error is, what are the causes and how to fix it permanently.

What is Fortnite Error 91?

Fortnite 91 Error is the most common error players have been encountering since its launch. The error indicates that the platform you are using to play Fortnite is having a connectivity issue, specifically if you are in a party.

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Whenever Fortnite 91 error pops up on the screen, you will get either of these messages: “The party is currently not responding to join requests. Please try again later” or “Party services are currently experiencing technical difficulties.”

How to fix Fortnite error 91?

If you are tired of encountering Fortnite 91 error on your device then you must try the following fixes. The solutions we have mentioned here are applicable for all platforms  (PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile).

Reboot Your Device

The best and easiest way to fix any error is to restart the platform you are using to play the game. It would be better to try this solution before trying any other solution mentioned here.

Game Server

Sometimes, you could encounter 91 error in Fortnite because of the game’s server. To check whether you are having this issue because of the game’s server, check out the official Twitter handle of Fortnite, where they keep updating about Fortnite’s servers.

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Restart Fortnite

If you are not facing this issue because of the game’s server then you will have to find it your own. The best and easiest way to fix Fortnite 91 is to restart the game.

Verify Fortnite Game Files

There are hundreds of Fortnite players who were able to fix 91 error by simply making sure that their game files are in the correct order. If you are playing Fortnite on PC, you must verify the game files by opening the Epic Games Launcher. Now go to the Settings Menu and Verify.

Try Switching To A Private Party

Most of the Fortnite players have been encountering Error 91 when they are in a party. If you too are having the same issue in a party, make sure to change your party from Public to Private.

Reinstall Fortnite

There are players who reported that they were able to fix Fortnite 91 by simply re-installing the game. Yes, make sure to delete Fortnite and install it again to fix the error. Notably, try this method only if none of the above-mentioned fixes worked for you.

Contact Epic Game Technical Support

Despite trying all of the above-mentioned solutions, if you are still having Fortnite 91 error then try to contact Epic Games, technical support team.

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