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Diablo 4 Release Date Rumors Addressed

Diablo 4 announcement trailer blew the roof off Blizzcon 2019, but since then there hasn’t been any confirmation about the release date of the said game. Blizzard’s last new entrant in the Diablo series was Diablo 3 which was released back in 2012.

Ever since then, fans have been waiting patiently to get another title, but it seems now that the trailer was shown just to ease off some of the tension that Blizzard was facing during the time.


Judging by Blizzard’s past they have been slow at developing the Diablo series, Diablo 3 was announced back in 2008 and was eventually released in 2012, this puts the release of Diablo 4 to somewhere in 2023.

Blizzard recently was ridiculed in 2018 for its announcement of Diablo Immortal, an iOS and Android-based mobile game that featured the world of Diablo but wasn’t a proper continuation of the story.

It looks like Diablo 4 is in early development and to support this claim there is proof that Blizzard hired a lot of staff to work on their next project, this process began months after Diablo 4 was announced.


Diablo 4 Release Date Rumors

While there are tons of things on the internet that estimate the release date of Diablo 4, it is still too early to talk about it. At least for now, the industry-standard estimate that it takes around 3 years to develop a game.

If that is true then we can rest assured that we won’t be getting Diablo 4 for a couple of years at the minimum. So, Diablo 4 won’t be made available until after the release of the next-gen consoles.


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