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Top 20 Creepiest Monsters in Resident Evil Series That Will Haunt You

A collection of the most terrifying and creepy monsters

Resident Evil has been considered to be a trailblazer in the world of survival horror games due to its mass popularity. And it’s showing no signs of waning any time soon. The most recent game, Resident Evil 3 remake, continued its winning streak by being highly appreciated by fans and critics alike.

Now, the one thing that is common throughout all the Resident Evil games is the presence of grotesque, creepy and scary monsters. These repulsive creatures are sure to give you the jitters and leave a disturbing memory in your mind. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 20 of the creepiest monsters in Resident Evil series in no particular order.

Most Frightening Monsters in Resident Evil Series

From disgusting to straight up revolting, this list has all kinds of scary monsters from the Resident Evil franchise.


These shark-like mutated creatures will send chills down your spine. Looking like warriors, these monsters will attack you with their sword and shield-like body parts. When the Scarmiglione get damaged, they will transform into separate parts of their previous selves and continue to attack the player.



Your worst zombie dog nightmare comes true when you face these salivating canines. These murderous dogs have been infected by the T-virus and now roam the facilities and forests of Resident Evil games. Their rib cages, internal organs and muscles are perpetually exposed, making them one of the scariest forms of infected dog we have ever seen.



From the first look, you will know that this creature is a whole lot of nope. Made of rotting flesh, Scagdead is definitely not competing for the prize of the cutest monster. Those with higher resistance to the T-Abyss virus go through this fate of suffering and pain, which ultimately leads to the creation of this scary monster in Resident Evil. This deadly T-Abyss virus goes through further mutation inside a human host, which explains the human head on its body. Even with its heavy body, the Scagdead can attack quite fast by flailing its arms to grab its victim.



These monstrous creatures have human legs and a scary upper half. That’s because Duvalia bursts through that part of the human, looking like a bloody flower made of flesh. The exoskeleton of the Duvalia protects the creature hidden inside. This being is basically a stage in the life of Plaga Type 3.



If the Revenants randomly show up in front of you, you will pee your pants. That’s how scary they are. Revenant is a stitched-together creature which is supposed to look like a human but fails miserably. It moves like a clumsy zombie but don’t be fooled by its walk, because it can attack you tirelessly.



The name of this Resident Evil monster is enough to make you cringe with disgust. True to its name, Ooze oozes a slimy substance, which gives it the ability to slide through cracks and crevices. Make sure to not get caught in the grasp of the Ooze because it will drain a lot of blood from you.



The U-3 is yet another experiment gone wrong and boy, has it gone horribly wrong. It is a strange combination of a human (with a long wagging tongue) and insect-like deformity that is enough to send chills down your spine. This is definitely one of the creepiest Resident Evil monsters you will see.



Hunters are mixtures of humans, animals and T-virus, but in the worst possible way. These bio-weapons display traits of reptiles because they were created by using reptilian DNA. Gross.

William Birkin


William Birkin is a former virologist and current mutant who goes through quite a few of mutation stages. He starts off with a little mutation on the right side of his body and ends with being a completely horrific abomination. As he evolves, his body muscle mass increases, further transforming him into a scary monster that looks nothing like the original William Birkin.



The Nyx is an ugly, jelly-like creature that can simply grab humans (even Tyrants) and put them inside its body. It infects the humans that it puts inside itself with the T-virus at an alarming rate. It can attack you by throwing parts of his body towards you and it is also insanely strong.

Lisa Trevor


Lisa Trevor was captured by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and experimented on for decades. She eventually turned into a grotesque creature with a hideous face, collection of flesh, hunched back and obscenely long arms. The story of Lisa Trevor is a tragic one indeed.



The Chimera is a deadly combo of a human and a fly, which ends up creating a hideous monster. The back story of these monsters is equally scary. Umbrella created the Chimera by adding fly DNA to human ovums. Women were then impregnated with these mutations. You will find these creatures in hidden spots such as air ducts and if you come across their location, they will not hesitate to jump on you out of nowhere.

Iron Maiden


The iron maidens are bio-weapons formed due to Los Illuminados experiments. They have high metabolism so they manage cellular regeneration quite quickly. There are lots of spikes on its body (especially its arms) which can impale its enemies in an instant.



While most humans would squirm at the thought of turning into a bio-weapon, it was different for the human who became Ustanak. The human in question had a really frail and weak body which he was happy to lose and instead, turn into a mutated monster. He gets infected with the C-virus which causes him to become a highly intelligent monstrosity.



This abhorrent creature looks kind of like a spider with pointy appendages coming out from its back. It can also release a poisonous gas which can only be cured with a special serum. Before turning into Nosferatu though, he was a human named Alexander Ashford. Unfortunately, he became a mutated creature due to his own wrongdoings.



The Executioner is a tall, hooded creature who wields a heavy axe-like weapon. His clothing is soaked with the blood of his previous victims. His body is covered in nails and there are big hooks lodged in his back. The Executioner’s attacks are as frightening as his overall appearance.

Marguerite Baker


Marguerite Baker isn’t your average matriarch of the family. She is evil and terrifying. Marguerite doesn’t start off as a ‘creature’ but further ahead, she definitely fits the role of a monster which gives her a worthy spot on our list. She crawls along the walls, the floor and she can even summon insects to attack the player.



Lickers are one of the most iconic monsters from the Resident Evil series. The most prominent feature of the Lickers is their long tongue that, well, licks. Their exposed brain also adds to their overall creepiness. It’s the mutation of a zombie but they don’t just walk on the ground – they can climb walls and ceilings with their claws and attack you from above. The Lickers are highly sensitive to sound and their tongue acts like a weapon which helps them slice through flesh like it’s nobody’s business. Brutal.



Standing out from the other brainless monsters who mindlessly attack you is this guy – The Nemesis T-type. He is a bio-weapon with intelligence and combat skills which makes him a force to be reckoned with. Armed with weapons and a truly terrifying face, Nemesis will ensure that he completes his task and does it well. You can run from him but you can’t hide.

Mr X


Mr X, also known as T-00, is a tyrant (that is, a bio-engineered supersoldier) created by none other than the Umbrella corp. He isn’t visually scary but when you do come across him in Resident Evil 2, you will know why he is one of the best enemies from the entire Resident Evil franchise. Mr X wears a trench coat and a hat (very classy) but he walks like he is about to kill you off in a jiffy.

We have some more honorable mentions and they are Verdugo, Haos, Jack Baker, Crimson Heads and Leech Zombie. These are all creepy as heck too.

This was our compilation of the creepiest, scariest and the grossest Resident Evil monsters who will haunt you, much after you are done playing the games.

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