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Borderlands 3 The Best Character Guide – Which Vault Hunter to Choose?

Confuse what to go with?

Among all the four characters in Borderlands 3 if you are confused which to choose then here is the answer. Each Vault Hunter has a specific set of skill and playstyle depending on which you can pick one and start playing. But the real question which is the best vault hunter in Borderlands 3? And in this Borderlands 3 Character guide, we will try to find an answer. After playing the game and going through various missions using a different character I can suggest you one all-rounder character with some limitation. This vault hunter is best for starts, from long-range you can take down enemies and summon some allies in the fight also. So let’s begin with Borderlands 3 Best Character Guide.

Borderlands 3 – Best Character to Play


Among Amara, Zane, Moze, and FL4K I found FL4K as the best character to play with. This is because I can use a sniper, turn invisible and summon pets in the right. These are my personal reasons, every character brings a unique playstyle and I am going to explain the high and low points of each Vault Hunter along with y FL4K is the best character in Borderlands 3.

1). FL4K – The Beastmaster

If you are playing Borderlands for the first time then go with FL4K. You will be easily learning all the abilities of FL4K and use them well in the game. The only issue with this character is annoying pets. But they are very helpful during the fight, they can die for you. FL4K can unlock abilities to turn invisible for a short period of time that can help you to evade attacks in tough situations. One of his three pets supports him in the battle, and each one has unique abilities. This adds a ton of flexibility in the game where you are not alone, and you can have some time to strategize your attack.


FL4K Top Skills Focused On High Damage

FL4K Skill three features three sets of skills under Green, Blue, and Orange color. Green one focus on causing more damage while the Blue benefits the pets. Below are the top skills that will help you to make FL4K invincible. Some of the below skills requires you to unlock above skills in the tree I am adding only the important one here.

Fade Away (Green): FL4K can turn invisible and he can fire 3 shots while cloaked, each shot is automatically a Critical Hit. During the state, Health Regeneration and Movement speed are increased.


  • Fade Away Critical Hit Damage: +200%
  • Cloaked Movement Speed: +25%
  • Health Regeneration: +3% of Max Health/sec
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Skill duration: 15 seconds

Furious Attack (Green): This is a hunter skill, where FL4K get stacks of Furious Attacks after shooting an enemy. Handling and Gun Damage is increased with each stack of Furious Attack.

  • Gun Damage: +2.0 per stack
  • Handling: +4.8% per stack
  • Furious Attack Stacks: 10
  • Furious Attack Duration: 45seconds


Turn Tail and Run (Green): FL4K will constantly regenerate health and gain Damage Reduction. While still, he will gain Gun Damage and Fire Rate.

  • Health Regeneration While Moving: 0.9% of Max Health/sec
  • Damage Reduction While Moving: +17.4%
  • Gund Damage While Still: +25.0%
  • Fire Rate While Still: +12.0%

The Fast and The Furryous (Green): When FL4K Healths is above half, his Gun Damage and Movement Speed will increase.

  • Gun Damage: +42%
  • Movement Speed: +16.7%.

The Power Inside (Green): FL4K and his pet both get increased Damage when FL4K activates an Action Skill. When his health is full, the increased Damage will be double.

  • Damage: +25%
  • The Power Inside Duration: 15 seconds

Persistence Hunter (Blue): FL4K gets more Gun Damage and Action Skill Duration.

  • Gun Damage: +12%
  • Action Skill Duration: +45%.

Interplanetary Stalker (Orange): It is a Hunter Kill Skill, whenever FL4K kills an enemy, they gain a stack of Interplanetary Stalker, for each stack they gain a bonus to all damage dealt. Additionally, they gain a unique stacking bonus depending on the type of enemy killed. Each unique bonus can stack upto 3 times and it decays after a short time.

  • Damage: +10% Stack
  • Robot Bonus: +7.5% Corrosive Damage/stack
  • Human Bonus: +15% Action Skill Damage/stack
  • Beat Bonus: +7% Movement Speed/stack

With these skills, you can focus more on skills that boost your Critical Hit rate, Fade Away duration and little support to your pet allies. This will give FL4K more power to stay in the battle and takedown tougher enemies easily.

2). Amara – The Siren

Amara is best if you want to use a lot of punching and pushing. She is the one that can land in the middle of a battle and kick out enemies. She is the best close-ranged character who can come face to face against enemies. Her magical abilities give an additional benefit in crowd control. She can summon big punches from the air with a good damage radius. She can also shoot from the sky for a while, but all her attacks are best for enemies in a close range. I keep her in second in the list for certain reasons. If you are a fast-player who does not like to wait then Amara will the best one to begin. Remember movement is the key to survival, camping will kill you.

Amara Top Skills Focused On High Elemental Damage

If you are playing as Amara you will need a high amount of skills active with you. Being a fighter she will be always surrounded by enemies and she has no pet with her. So some good upgrade is necessary. Her magical skills are the real game-changer.

One With Nature (Green): Amara gains Max Health and Elemental Damage Resistance to her Action Skill Element.

  • Max Health: +5%
  • Elemental Damage Reduction: +12%

Arms Deal (Green): Amara deals increased Splash Damage, and takes reduced Splash Damage.

  • Splash Damage: +3%
  • Splash Damage Reduction: +3%

Root to Rise (Green): Amara gains Max Health.

  • Max Health: +5%

Fracture (Green): Amara summons a handful of fists that erupt from the ground, dealing damage to enemies in front of Amara.

  • Damage: 124
  • Cooldown: 26 seconds

Find your Center (Green): Amara gains increased Melee Damage. Additionally for a few seconds after using her Action Skill, Amara gains increased Melee Range.

  • Melee Damage: +22%
  • Melee Range: +50%
  • Duration: 8 seconds

Downfall (Green): Amara Leaps into the air and shoots an Elemental Beam below her briefly followed by a Slam.

  • Damage: 141
  • Beam Damage: 21/second
  • Cooldown: 36 seconds

Do unto others (Green): Whenever an enemy damages Amara she automatically throws an energy orb back at them, dealing Action Skill Elemental Damage.

  • Projectile Damage: 17
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Guardian Angel (Green): When Amara enters the fight for your life, she immediately gains a Second Wind, restores her health and creates an Action Skill Elemental Nova that knocks back nearby enemies.

  • Max Health Retore: 100%
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Fast Hand(s) (Blue): Reload, Weapon Swap and Mode Switch Speed are improved.

  • Reload Speed: +4%
  • Weapon Swap Speed: +22%
  • Mode Switch Speed: +21%

Transcend (Blue): Increase Accuracy & Critical Hit Bonus for few seconds after activating action skills.

  • Accuracy: +11%
  • Critical Hit Bonus: +9%
  • Duration: 8 seconds

Restless (Blue): More Action Skills Cooldown Rate.

  • Cooldown Rate: +4%

Reverberation (Blue): Summon an Astral Projection and send it forward dealing damage to everything in the path.

  • Damage: 116
  • Damage Bonus: +50% per enemy hit
  • Cooldown: 24 seconds

Deliverance (Blue): Similar to Reverberation, whenever Amara’s astral projection hits an enemy it will release homing Elemental Projectiles that will trigger her Action Skill Elemental Effect on enemies.

  • Damage: 124
  • Elemental Projectiles: 3 per enemy hit
  • Cooldown: 24 seconds

From Rest (Blue): Improved Fire Rate and Charge Time.

  • Fire Rate: +4%
  • Charge Time: +26%

Wrath (Blue): Increased Gun Damage, this effect is increased after-action skills are activated for a few seconds.

  • Gun Damage: +3%
  • Gun Damage: +5% after-action skill use
  • Duration: 8 seconds

Remnant (Blue): When Amara kills an enemy with gun or action skill she creates a homing projectile that seeks out new enemies dealing with her Action Skill Elemental Damage. Overkill Damage is added to the projectile’s damage.

  • Remnant Damage: 33

Tandava (Blue): Amara sends forward an Astral Projection of herself that explodes when it hits a target damaging all nearby enemies.

  • Damage: 166
  • Cooldown: 28 seconds

Steady Hands (Orange): Increased Weapon Handling and Accuracy.

  • Handling: +12%
  • Accuracy: +10%

Tempest (Orange): Increased Elemental Damage and Shock Damage.

  • Shock Damage: +8%
  • Elemental Damage: +4%.

Illuminated Fest (Orange): Increased Melee Damage and it is converted to her Action Skill Element.

  • Melee Damage: +28%.

The Eternal Fist (Orange): Summon a giant fist that burst from the ground and locks the targetted enemy in place for few seconds. Whenever a Grasped enemy is killed, upto 3 new targets can be sought out and Grasped.

  • Bonus Target: Upto +4
  • Cooldown: 23 seconds
  • Grasp Immune Damage: 66

Dread (Orange): Gun Damage is increased after the enemy is Grasped. Whenever any player kills the Grapsed enemy, their current weapon is instantly reloaded.

  • Weapon Damage: +10%
  • Duration: 8 Seconds

Catharsis (Orange): Whenever Amara triggers an elemental effect on an enemy when that enemy dies it will explode dealing her attuned element damage along with any other element that is currently inflicted upon that enemy.

  • Damage: 13
  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds

Ties that Bind (Orange): Amara can summon a giant fist that burst from the ground and locks the targetted enemy in place for a few seconds.

  • Link Damage: 35% of damage dealt
  • Cooldown: 17 seconds
  • Grasp Immune Damage: 80

Fist Over Matter (Orange): Amara can summon a giant fist that burst from the ground and locks the targetted enemy in place for a few seconds. After Grasping the enemy, large fist appears and constantly smash the area, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

  • Damage: 21
  • Cooldown: 33 seconds
  • Grasp Immune Damage: 93

Updates on the last two character will be added soon.