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CSGO: Best Video Settings To Boost FPS & Performance

Here are the best video settings that you should use in CSGO.

Having the best video settings in CSGO can make a noticeable difference in your play. You might have the latest and the best graphics card so you might consider maxing out the settings. And while you could do that you will be wasting precious frames over several settings that don’t make much difference visually. But optimizing them can surely give you an FPS boost. So in this guide let us check the best Video Settings for CS: GO.

Best Video Settings for CSGO

best video settings to use in csgo to boost fps and performance

  • Video
    • Color Mode: As per your Monitor.
    • Brightness: Based on your preference. But the higher the brightness the more enemies you will be able to spot in dark corners or areas.
    • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
    • Resolution: 1280×960 or 1920×1080
      • The reason we have recommended two different aspect ratios and resolutions is because of player preference. 4:3 and 16:9 are the two most preferred aspect ratios by many pro players. You should check our detailed guide on the best aspect ratio & resolution to learn more about them.
    • Display Mode: Fullscreen
    • For Laptops
      • Laptop Power Savings: Disabled
      • If you play on a laptop and have this enabled, then you will get see your FPS drop. Hence disabling it is highly recommended.

csgo best advanced video settings

  • Advanced Video
    • Global Shadow Quality: Medium or Low. The reason we are not recommending high is to boost performance. If you really want to enjoy the visuals you could keep it High.
    • Model / Texture Detail: Medium or Low. This option decides how sharp the textures in the game should look. You can keep it to high but it won’t make much of a difference visually. But keeping it medium or low gives you more FPS.
    • Texture Streaming: Disabled
    • Effect Detail: High. This option lets you see through Molotov.
    • Shader Detail: Low. When playing competitive keeping it low will give you an FPS boost. But for better visuals keep it High.
    • Boost Player Contrast: Enabled. Enabling it makes characters more differentiable from the background.
    • Multicore Rendering: Enabled. Uses more cores of your processor.
    • Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode: 8x MSAA or 4x MSAA. This option makes the edges of models in the game smoother. If you want an FPS boost you should keep it to none.
    • FXAA Anti-Aliasing: Disabled
    • Texture Filtering Mode: Anisotropic 16x or Anisotropic 8x. The lower this setting is the more blur it will add to far-away textures. In case you feel there is room for more fps then try lowering it.
    • Wait for Vertical Sync: Disabled. You should only enable it if you notice screen tearing while playing.
    • Motion Blur: Disabled. Adds a motion blur while moving your crosshair. Can feel disruptive while playing so keeping it disabled will help.
    • Triple-Monitor Mode: Disabled. Enable it if you have a triple monitor setup.
    • Use Uber Shaders: Enabled. Makes the game smoother.

That covers this guide on the best video settings to use in CS: GO. While these were the best video settings in the game, if you have an older system then check out our guide on the best settings for low-end pc. And for more help on this game check out our CSGO guides.