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Best Games like Summertime Saga [October 2021]

Here are the best alternative games similar to Summertime Saga.

Fed up playing Summertime Saga, want more fun and entertainment then keep reading. If you’re looking for some of the Best mobile adult games then this list is for you. In this article, I’m going to present you with some of the best adult android games which are better than Summertime Saga. This list focuses on some of the top Android NFSW games that purely deliver entertainment. Games in this list are not for kids and have 18+ content. Absorbed into a unique storyline many games have Q&A or puzzle-type mechanisms. So if you’re bored with Summertime Saga and trying to find a better alternative then you are on the right page. But before we begin with a list of top games like Summertime Saga, let’s first have a look at what not to do by downloading these games.

Avoid spammy websites which offer you a direct fake download link. Focus on getting them from Google PlayStore or from their official developer website. You don’t have to worry much because I’m going to share authentic games which are available easily in the form of apk. Many of these games are also available for iOS devices. As you know that summertime saga is an adult android game, which revolves around a young man and his da**ing fantasies. With over 65 different characters to unlock this game brings hours of entertainment. It also has 30 unique locations and 20 mini-games. So keeping that thing in mind I build this Best Summertime Saga Alternative Game list.

Best Games Similar to Summertime Saga 2021

Some of the words in this list are censored for reading. We’re using a simple stars sign in order to keep this list safe for work. Also, remember that the list is not for kids. With that cleared up, here are the similar games that are the best alternatives you can try out.

1. Dual Family

Android Games like summertime saga

Dual Family is in the role-playing game which has a pretty interesting storyline. You can choose to play a role of a father or a person and continue on a journey where you will be excited to know what is going to happen next. The game has two stories and you can jump between them while playing. The best thing about Dual Family is its graphics. It is a nicely designed game, which will keep you engaged for hours. So if you’re looking for role-playing based on the theory of Lannisters, then try this.

2. Ladykiller in a Bind

Android Game Lady Killer Bind

Ladykiller in a Bind is an e***ic visual novel with a weird twist. The game focuses on the cross-dressing and an interesting storyline. You will play as an 18-year-old girl who is manipulating others to win a popularity contest. She interacts with fellow students on a seven-day cruise in order to fulfill her dream. The game allows you to skip adult scenes, but there is no fun in it.

3. Waifu Academy

Android Games like summertime saga

Next is Waifu Academy, a game that can fulfill all your desire in terms of an adult android game. You play as a young man who is on a mission to seek revenge. With over 30 different characters Waifu Academy brings a lot to the table. Each character has a unique background, which leads to a different climax. The game has dialogues, which will lead you to unlock different scenes with different characters. So if you’re looking for a graphically upgraded game and a catalog of multiple characters, then Waifu Academy is the best alternative to Summertime Saga.

4. Mythic Manor

Android Adult Game Mythic Manor

Mythic Manor is a free game similar to an interactive visual novel based on a fantasy world. This game will give you five gorgeous characters to play with. With over 250 events and special hidden scenes, you can enjoy it for hours. There are 500+ uncensored animations with various hidden activities and story-based character progression. The game also has 20+ different locations accessible via a city map. You can interact with the surroundings and also with the characters to unlock new activities.

5. Man of the House

Games like summertime saga

This is another best alternative game for Summertime Saga. If you are looking for more fun and hours of uninterrupted adult entertainment, then try Man of the House. You play as on young character, which lives in a house with three gorgeous women. It has a storyline where your choices reveal new fantasies. With over 3500 images and hundred animated scenes, the Man of the House game promises around 30 to 40 hours of entertainment. It also has a hint system and mini-game.

6. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Android Game Snow Daze

Let’s get a little more realistic. What about + Size, where everything is bigger and better. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is a simulation single-player game where you play as young musician Jason. He lives with her stepmother and with her three stepsisters. Tortured by her mother, Jason is a talented musician who can use his music as magic. After a snowstorm, Jason is stuck with his family for five days. This is where the story begins, with over a total of four main characters, you can unlock multiple endings depending on the choices.

7. Dreaming of Dana

Games like summertime saga

Dreaming of Dana’s is a straightforward adult android game. The story of this game does not revolve around unlocking hidden secrets. You play as and a rich boy who is working with his father, along with his sister in a family-owned business. There are plenty of characters in this game. You can interact with them and unlock all your fantasies as you move ahead. The game also has cheats, getting bored with the challenges then try one. Dreaming of Dana does give you a lot of characters to meet and have fun with.

8. Town Uncovered

Android Game Town Uncovered

Town Uncovered is another graphic novel that has pretty impressive content. The game is also available on steam, so if you’re looking for a PC version and it is available. The game is based on a transfer student who is on an adventure in a sleepy little town. It has 40 unique characters and 10 locations to discover. There are hard-core and soft-core scenes in the game. Within also enjoy a variety of mechanics and uncover the mystery via narratives.

9. Melody

Android games like summertime saga

Melody is another cool game like summertime saga where you play as a musician similar to Snow Daze: The Music of Winter. But there’s a twist in this game, in Snow Daze, you are locked inside a house. Using your music you can force another character to behave the way you want. In melody as a musician, you’re trying to find some love after a breakup. All you have to do is connect with every character you find during the gameplay. There are a lot of things in this game that will shock you, as well as entertain you. Your choices will change the outcome, you will have a positive or negative impact on the main story as you progress.

10. Chapters: Interactive Stories

Android Game Interactive Stories

I’m going to conclude my list with this one final game, which is available on Google PlayStore. This game has an interactive story where you can unlock different moods. Only romance is not the core mechanism, you can also explore a lot more depending on your choices. Every story has a choice where you can choose to fall in love or to discover secrets. The ending changes, so if you want a game that has more depth in terms of the story then Chapters: Interactive Stories is best. You also get weekly updates that unlock more new stories.

So this is a list of the best games like summertime saga. You can check all the top 10 adult android games which are available online for download. Make sure you find the right APK file to avoid security issues. Do not forget to check our Best Android Adult Games list where you can find more games with different genres. Till then have fun playing.