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Best Android Adult Game List 2020 – Top NSFW 18+ Mobile Games

A list of best android games you can try out but in the adult category, something you will love to check once unless you not a PUBG fan!

Android Games are sometimes the best source of entertainment. With over millions of games on Google Playstore, the Android platform gives us something new to try every day. So there are racing, tower defense, simulations, battle royale, etc. But there is one interesting category that you can try out if you are unable to find new in Android gaming. We are talking about Android Adult Games List 2020. A list of games you will not see on the Play Store, but there is a download available through simple Google Search. Such games are not for kids, with 18+ content some of these games are a visual treat, backed by an interesting story-line and some basic challenges. There is one warning before you go for the category, is do not download games that look like spam.

Ample of them are designed just to throw ads on your face, so we tried to bring out a healthy list of Android Adult games you can try out for refreshment. There are fewer chances you will find them on the Play Store due to the 18+ restrictions. There is mostly a list of game names with some details on the gameplay. Search them on the web and finding a decent source of download is your responsibility.

Which is the best Android adult game?

Adding stars (*) to certain names will help us to keep this article clean, I am quiet sure none of us need to put a lot of brains to identify the game. And this list is not for kids.

1. Summertime Saga:

Summertime Saga

A high-quality dat**g Sim game where you play as a young man in a small suburban town. With over 65 characters to meet and interact with Summertime Saga stays on the top due to the content. 30 Unique Locations and more than 20 mini-game are enough to play for hours. Also, the game receives regular updates and it is available for free. You can support the developers on Patreon to unlock exclusive rewards.

2. Dreams of Desire:

Android Game for Grownups

If you want more then go for Dreams of Desire. It goes to the next level of visual novels adding a bit of interaction and some storyline. It can give you more than you cannot find in Summertime Saga. The game moves around a young man who is in high school and dealing with the growing issues. You have to make to right decision to unlock goals and save your self from getting caught.

4. L*st Epidemic

Adult Android Game

Once again a graphical novel type game where you play as a Brad, student of East State University. He finds himself at the rival college during a hurricane and trying to make this way out. While exploring the college campus Brad uncovers many secrets and mysteries.

5. MiKandi:

Do not want to search for games or download Apk then try out MiKandi. A kind of its own unique app store with games for grown-ups. It features HD videos, comics, apps, and games altogether in one place. And it also has games with VR support, so that is too much to ask from a free app like this.

How to play adult games on Android?

To an extent, Google Play Store does not provide such game downloads, but there are official websites by the game developer. Such sites offer a direct apk download, you have to turn on installation from unknown sources to install them. Also, some devices come with pre-apk scan antivirus software, that checks the apk app quality before installation. It is highly important to download games from official sources only.

The list is not complete we are trying to find out something more to feed your needs. Here these are some of the best to go for, the problem is that they are not directly available on Google Play Store. But there are tons of sites hosting apk file direct download.

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