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Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List (7DS)

7DS Grand Cross Ranked Tier List 2021: We've ranked the best characters. Know the best players that you can use in the game.

We have compiled a Seven Deadly Sins 7DS Grand Cross Tier List. These characters are ranked on the basis of my understanding of the game. While these are not official rankings by any measure, they are close enough to the community rankings for the game. So, let’s scroll down and find out the best characters in the game.

7DS Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List Characters Ranked


7DS Grand Cross Tier List

  • To look for your favorite characters, simply click Ctrl+F on your desktop or interact with the three dots on the top right of your phone browser.
  • Now just enter the name of the character and look for them in the list given below.
  • Use the arrows on the pop-up box to automatically move the screen over to the character of your choice.
  • Now, scroll down and simply look for the Tier List rankings of your favorite character in (7DS) Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross.
Bchandler S
Bgelizabeth S
Btoescanor S
Ghgowther S
Rpban S
Lvmeliodas S
Rgowther S
Rrem S
Rsariel S
Btarmiel S
Rearthur S
Gfmerlin S
Beleven S
Bemilia S
Gescanor S
Gshin A
Gestarossa A
Rkyo A
Rderieri A
Gmk2valenti A
Bludociel A
Gammeliodas A
Gmerlin A
Groxy A
Gfzeldris A
Rzeldris A
Bnunchakuban A
Gram A
Nbarthur A
Bdrole A
Gnkarthur A
Rcamila A
Gdeathpierce A
Bderieri A
Ggil A
Gelizabeth A
Gderieri A
Rarthur A
Gdrole A
Beastin A
Geastin A
Gdiane A
Rescanor A
Rellatte A
Bfraudrin A
Rgloxinia A
Ghawk A
Ghelbram A
Rhowzer A
Gjericho A
Beren A
Gdhendrickson B
Blilia B
Rgjericho B
Bnwking B
Gliz B
Gvalenti B
Barthur B
Rmelascula B
Bdmeliodas B
Rmerlin B
Gmonspeet B
Bnanashi B
Bking B
Gking B
Rslater B
Gzaratras B
Galioni B
Gathena B
Rnunchakuban B
Rdenzel B
Bbeatrice B
Gcain B
Bdiane B
Rwdiane B
Rdeldry B
Ggiantdiane B
Relizabeth B
Rdogedo B
Rdreyfus B
Reastin B
Belaine B
Relihawk B
Relaine B
Gban B
Belihawk B
Gelihawk B
Geren C
Restarossa C
Gfraudrin C
Bgalland C
Rgalland C
Bgil C
Ggloxinia C
Ggowther C
Rgriamore C
Bguila C
Bjericho C
Ggustaf C
Rhelbram C
Ghendrickson C
Bhelbram C
Rjericho C
Bgjericho C
Rjim C
Rking C
Gjillian C
Rlevi C
Rlillia C
Bmarmas C
Glillia C
Bmai C
Bmelascula C
Gmeliodas C
Gdmeliodas C
Bmono D
Rdmeliodas D
Bmeliodas D
Bmerlin D
Roslohawk D
Bmikasa D
Rmono D
Rmonspeet D
Grugal D
Bslater D
Barden D
Rshin D
Rtwigo D
Rvivian D
Bvalenti D
Gwill D
Gzaneri D
Bzeldris D
Bban D
Rban D
Bbellion D
Rbenimaru D
Bmatronadiane D
Rdieane D
Gsnatchban D
Rkungfudiane D
Gdreyfus D
Bmatrona D
Bjenna D
Rcelaine D
Gelaine D
Belizabeth D
Bgowther D
Ggerharde D
Rpelizabeth D
Rgil F
Bgolgius F
Gguila F
Rguila F
Ggriamore F
Bhendrickson F
Boldking F
Goldking F
Rmeliodas F
Rmike F
Brimuru F
Grimuru F
Rroxy F
Bhowzer F
Rjude F
Gruin F
Roldking F
Rsimon F
Rtaizoo F
Bmilim F
Bweinheidt F
Bfriesia F
Bgriamore F
Ghowzer F
Ghugo F


This is everything you need to know about the 7DS Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List. Here at Gamer Tweak, we have ranked a lot of game characters, so have a look at our Tier List section in the interlinked article to look for your favorite characters.